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On the one hand, I think that knowing the truth about something is a good thing. On the other hand, I feel like there is an argument to be made for knowing the truth and not doing the things you feel like you should do.

You know what I am saying? I’m being serious. Even if you know the truth about something, it’s important to keep those truths quiet. It is also important to keep those truths from getting out. We don’t want to be labeled a traitor to our own business because we know the truth about something, or because we’re afraid of something.

Well, its not an uncommon situation and I have seen companies that have been labeled as “traitors” and I have seen people who have been “betrayed” by their companies. However, its important to be careful in the ways you act. There are a lot of businesses out there who make a lot of money on a lot of people being happy. If you make any money or gain any popularity, we might label you a traitor to our business.

Sure, you can be a traitor or a betrayer to your business, but there are many that are just misinformed about something. Asking questions, or asking questions for no reason, does not make you a traitor or a betrayer.

We’ve all been there. A business you’ve invested a lot of money in is suddenly looking a little grey. It doesn’t have to be that bad, but it’s not exactly a great idea to take all the money you’ve invested and start a company just to make a couple bucks. And if you do sell your company, you’ve got to be really careful how you use the money.

This is why I often hear business owners complaining that they can’t hire a good employee. They can’t afford to pay good wages, so they hire someone else. But when someone who worked for your company for a little while ends up leaving, you can’t really blame them. Most people, even the ones who are leaving, have probably made a decision to change their life because they were unhappy and needed to change it. If you dont know that then you probably are misinformed.

I have had a long and successful relationship with a business owner in the past and I am one of those people who would have left him but not because he didnt treat me right. I just wasn’t the right person for him. I had no experience, I wasnt motivated, I wasnt good at the job, etc.

But you see, for many people, the choice isnt really about the job. It’s about what they can do with the money that they have. To be clear, I’m talking about people who are self-employed, not those who are business owners.

I am one of those people who would have left someone for a better job and I would never have thought anyone could turn a bad person into a good person. I would have liked to see them build a better business, but I guess they cant because they just dont have the right attitude.

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