business cards for retirees

I’ve been a retired, self-employed, senior citizen for over a decade. I’ve worked for some of the biggest names in the business world, such as: Dell computers, Microsoft, Cisco, eBay, Google, and so on, and I have never had any complaints with regard to my job. I don’t even mind that I have to drive my own car. It’s what I do, and I like it.

As a retired person myself, I know that we are not as rich as many of our elders, but I do think that business cards are really necessary for retirement. I also think that the internet can be a great way of keeping you in touch with your friends and family. I am not so busy I cant run up to my grandma and give her a card or two of my own.

I know this is an old joke but I actually have a friend that has a business card that I get from him everytime I visit him. It’s always the same old message, and he gets it from someone who lives around the corner from him, and he actually lives in the same city that I live in. That seems to be the way everyone does.

Here’s the thing, a card really isn’t a substitute for actually spending the time to get to know people. I think it depends on how you are dealing with the internet, and I wouldn’t suggest getting a business card for yourself, but I do think it can be a worthwhile experience to visit your old high school/college/university/high school/and/or university/family/etc. if you want to keep in touch with old friends.

If youre not too old, I would suggest you go to It is a website that will give you a picture of your old high school and college classmates, and theres even pictures of your college days. If youre in school, you can go to and look at pictures of your friends in grade school, high school, in college and in high school. If youre retired you can go to www.

Your local retirement center will have a large collection of old school and college pictures; you can go to,,, and

In a nut shell, old friends, old high school and college buddies, and old high school and college friends all have the potential to become your best customers. They’re also some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

The best business cards you can get are the ones you get from older people you already know. These are people that you’ve known since high school, college, and even the military. These people are people who are not only able to give you good customer reviews for your business, but are also able to give you a great discount coupon or even a free gift when you send them something for their birthday.

These are the people youll want to get the best business cards from. Its not just because theyre your best customers, but because theyre your best friends. You know the people you want to get the best business cards from, because for them, the last thing they want is to be the person who gets them.

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