frisky business

You may have noticed that the last thing I wrote in this blog was something kind of funny…frisky business.

Frisky business is one of the better known (if not the most famous) jokes on the internet, and in a way it’s kind of a “gotcha.” It’s a quick joke about how something is not so good and it’s supposed to be good. It’s a way to avoid some of the more serious issues of life, and yet the joke still hits on a lot of the same issues.

I just made a really long post about making jokes about how people aren’t really people, about how being someone isn’t really a choice. Frisky business takes the joke and extends it to some pretty dark places. Like most of the funny jokes on the internet, it’s based on a misunderstanding of reality that also happens to be true, but because of its popularity, it has become a way to show just how stupid people can be.

Frisky business is a joke about how being a person can be a bad thing, and the fact that a lot of people are oblivious to that fact. It also shows that people are so incredibly in touch with the truth that they don’t even realize they’re being silly.

Frisky business is a movie. In it, it’s pretty easy to see how ridiculous some people can be. The problem is that most people are the same way, and the fact that they’re in touch with reality has made them extremely self-aware. People have been known to show that they’re ridiculous to people they know in real life, and when they show it to their friends, they see them as completely foolish.

Frisky business was directed by an actor. So if you’re the actor, you might want to check your self-awareness before you go and show a trailer to your friends.

Frisky business is a game in which the player controls a dog named Frisky. The game is essentially the same as every dog movie, only in this one there are dogs, and not only dogs. The game is about how Frisky can get in and out of situations, and how he interacts with his friends, and how he can figure out the best way to interact with people.

Yes, this game is like every dog movie, except that it’s in slow motion. The game is about Frisky’s training, and also about his personality. It’s about how Frisky interacts with his friends, and how he can figure out the best way to interact with people.

The game has all the typical dog qualities, such as obedience, loyalty, and self-confidence, but its also a lot more human in its approach to social interactions. The game’s main character finds himself trapped in the wrong neighborhood, so he needs to figure out how to get out. It helps that it is a dog game, so he doesn’t have to worry about getting in trouble for something that doesn’t really matter.

The game is also a dog game. So when the dog gets into trouble, he has to figure out what to do. But not everything that happens in the game is a dog trick. Many of the puzzles have more than a little human element. For example, the dog who is trapped in a room with a door that is locked does not have to figure out how to get out, but instead has to figure out how to open the door without breaking it.

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