is mimi’s cafe going out of business

A new cafe in a new location is always a big deal. This one in the heart of downtown Minneapolis is a good example of just that. I was there on a recent Friday night and had what I consider to be a really great time. I love the area, and the owners are really good people. This is one of those places that I will always remember.

The last time I was there, I ordered the “Cherry Pepsi” and got to sit in a great little booth. The place is so nice, and the food was really great. This is the type of place I’d like to be a regular there. Hopefully we have more places like this in the future.

I guess that means the cafe is closed, which means that mimi’s is also.

Yep. It’s closing. You can check out the new video on it’s page or listen to it below.

Mimis is a lovely little cafe and as far as I know, the last time the owners went out of business is when they closed down the old cafe in the first place. Since then, the owner has been hosting small events for the last two weeks and will likely resume hosting the next time the economy is good. I’m sure a new cafe will pop up and take over, but for now, mimis is closing.

Not everyone has the money to buy an entire cafe to run it. But Mimis is a tiny cafe, and the owners seem to be making a living off of the catering side of it, so I suppose it’s not that strange that they would shutter it. And for what it’s worth, I can definitely see why the owners would want to keep mimis going instead of closing it. It really is a lovely little place.

Mimis cafe is a very unique and wonderful little place to visit, and if you can afford to buy a couple of weeks of the menu here, it’s a good place to go. It was the first food I ever tried and it’s still delicious. I don’t mind taking my time to dine here.

The cafe has been a part of the Mimis family for over thirty years and mimis cafe has always been a happy place. However, this place will be closed for the next few months and my thoughts are with the owners of Mimis Cafe.

I believe that the cafe will be closed for several months, but the business of Mimis Cafe will continue. Mimis Cafe is a unique and wonderful place to dine and enjoy the local cuisine. I don’t have a specific story to tell, but I will say the cafe will remain open for a few more weeks.

The owners of Mimis Cafe are a young couple who love the place and want to keep it going while it is closed. A large group of people will continue to patronize the cafe and as there are no new hires or new customers, the cafe will continue to thrive.

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