risky business quotes

The following quotes are from “Risky Business Quotes” by Daniel Kahneman, a famous professor in the behavioral economics field. The quotes are from page 7, and it is the first quote that states, “The secret of being successful in business is to do risky things with reckless abandon.” The second quote states, “Risky business is the only business. It’s the only game in town.

The second quote is a bit surprising (at least for me) because we all know that risk always seems to be a part of the business equation, but I’m sure that Kahneman is just saying that it’s risky business to be in business at all. That being said, I think this quote is a great way to start a discussion between different people about the risks involved in business.

Its always good to start with a quote that is really risky, but isn’t actually risky. The difference is that the risk is a reflection of the business’s own risk, and the risk of being in business at all. When you risk something, you are making a bet, an investment, or a gamble. Its a bet that you might lose, that you might win, that you might get something great. Risk is a gamble, and a gamble is an investment.

Well, for starters, this means that we are betting that our business will be great. If it is not, then we are betting that our business will be terrible. But if you can make a very good business, then you can make a very risky business, with a very good risk, and a very good profit. It seems like risky business is a great way to make money or get money. But it can lead to very bad business.

So I’m willing to bet that you will get something great. But what’s that something great for? I guess the best way to answer that is to just name an idea. We all want a good reason to want something, right? If there is no good reason, then it’s like trying to make a good buck without a good reason.

Like many people, my father was a stockbroker. He spent his days studying the stock market and the economy, and his nights being a jackass. He did manage to strike it rich, but it wasn’t easy. He found himself in debt and unable to pay his bills. But he got lucky, and he started making a lot of money. He started a company to make a lot of money, and now he’s the president of a major company.

I think the problem here is that this is a very vague job description. Sure, you can get rich by making a lot of money, but the description of “jackass” is pretty vague too, there isn’t a specific job description for it. So you could say that you are a jackass, because you will be. But the description of “stockbroker” is definitely broad.

Another risk is that the job description doesn’t include any risk or danger. If you think about it, that is the exact thing that would make you a jackass. So if this job description is vague, then it’s really vague, and your odds of being a jackass are pretty high.

The last risk is that the description is vague because it isnt specific enough to be a jackass description. So if you have to pick something vague, and it doesnt have specifics or a specific job description for you, then you are probably a jackass.

For some reason that makes me think of a bad movie I watched when I was younger. It was a movie about a guy that never went out to bars or drank, but was always on his guard, always on edge. He was the butt of jokes and people would call him a jackass because he never drank or went to bars. And I remember thinking how good that movie was because it was so funny it was worth being a jackass just to be funny.

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