first order of business lyrics

first order of business is to eat. First of all, this may seem obvious, but we all have an instinct for when it is time to eat and we try to follow the cues. For example, when we see a restaurant’s menu, we try to go through it.

There’s a difference between “first of all” and “in order to eat.” The first is about ordering something, and the latter is about eating.

The difference is that the order of business is in the moment. The order of business is in the moment. A restaurant menu is a list of things to order. The order of business is in the moment. For example, I order a hamburger. That is, I order a hamburger. I order an iced tea, and I order a iced tea. The order of business is in the moment, not in order to eat.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when creating a website is to forget that the most basic part of it is about the front page. The front page is the place where most people get the information they need to get started on your website. Without the front page, you will have no visitors, no traffic, no page views, and no authority. Think about it.

A second order of business is to create a website that serves as a platform for people to post their opinions, ideas, opinions, etc. For example, a website can post a picture of itself on its homepage. You can then create a new website that posts it’s own image on Facebook. You also can post a list of all the posts you’ve posted, and then post a link to the old one.

The new website is all about the old website. It’s the new website’s platform where you can share your opinion. You can post links to your old website, and if people click through it, it will show up as a link on the new website.

It’s a very confusing concept, but this is actually a pretty simple process. If you want to make a website, you need to write the code that will make it appear on your site. In this case, the new website will be written in PHP and stored on your server. Then, when you upload the old website to your site, you’ll add the new site as a subdomain to the old website, and the two sites will appear on the same page.

While the process of actually putting things on the webpage and then making a link to those things may seem complicated, the concept is not difficult at all. All you need is a little bit of code.

What you need to add to your PHP code is a file called index.php. In this file, you’ll find a few things that you’ve already written and a few things that you’re about to write. You’ll also find a few text strings that will be the contents of your pages, but they will be in a format that your visitors will recognize.

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