NTA to Release CMAT Answer Key 2024 Soon

The National Testing Agency (NTA) is set to release the Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) answer key for the year 2024 shortly after the examination. The CMAT is a national-level entrance examination conducted for admission to management programs in various B-Schools across India. Candidates who have appeared for the exam eagerly await the release of the answer key as it allows them to estimate their scores and gauge their performance in the exam.

Importance of CMAT Answer Key:

The CMAT answer key serves as a crucial tool for candidates to evaluate their performance in the exam. It provides them with a comprehensive overview of the correct answers to the questions asked in the test. By comparing their responses with the answers provided in the key, candidates can calculate their expected scores and anticipate their chances of qualifying for the next round of the admission process.

Steps to Check the CMAT Answer Key:

Once the CMAT answer key is released by the NTA, candidates can follow these simple steps to access and download it:

  1. Visit the official website of NTA CMAT.
  2. Look for the link to the answer key for the respective exam year.
  3. Click on the link and enter your login credentials.
  4. The CMAT answer key will be displayed on the screen in PDF format.
  5. Candidates can download the answer key and cross-check their responses.

Challenging the CMAT Answer Key:

In case candidates have any doubts or objections regarding the answers provided in the CMAT answer key, they can challenge the key within a specified timeframe. The NTA usually allows candidates to raise objections by submitting a form and supporting documents along with a nominal fee per question challenged. After considering the validity of the objections, the NTA releases the final answer key.

Calculation of Scores using the CMAT Answer Key:

To calculate their estimated scores in the CMAT exam, candidates can follow these simple steps:

  1. Assign marks as per the exam pattern to each correctly answered question.
  2. Deduct the prescribed negative marking for each incorrectly answered question.
  3. Sum up the total marks to derive the estimated score in the CMAT exam.

Benefits of Using the CMAT Answer Key:

  1. Helps in self-evaluation and performance analysis.
  2. Facilitates predicting potential CMAT scores.
  3. Identifies weak and strong areas for improvement.
  4. Aids in decision-making regarding selection of B-Schools.

FAQs on CMAT Answer Key:

  1. Q: When will the NTA release the CMAT answer key for 2024?
    A: The NTA is expected to release the CMAT answer key shortly after the examination.

  2. Q: How can candidates access the CMAT answer key?
    A: Candidates can visit the official website of NTA CMAT to download the answer key.

  3. Q: Can candidates challenge the CMAT answer key?
    A: Yes, candidates can challenge the answer key within a specified timeframe by following the prescribed procedure.

  4. Q: What is the significance of the CMAT answer key?
    A: The answer key helps candidates evaluate their performance and estimate their scores in the CMAT exam.

  5. Q: How can candidates calculate their estimated scores using the CMAT answer key?
    A: Candidates can assign marks for correct answers, deduct marks for incorrect answers, and calculate their total score.

The release of the CMAT answer key plays a pivotal role in the post-exam activities of candidates aspiring for management programs. It not only helps them evaluate their performance but also serves as a stepping stone for their further admission process. Thus, candidates are advised to leverage the benefits of the CMAT answer key to make informed decisions regarding their future endeavors in the field of management education.

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